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Schibsted Polska
czwartek 17.10.2019
Z 17:30 Do 20:00
Schibsted Polska
PLGdańskOlivia Business Centre, Olivia Star80-309
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17:30-18:00 Registration pizza & drinks18:00-19:20 Presentations1st: Type classes in Scala2nd: Building a microservices architecture with Scala, Akka, and Kafka in the cloud19:20-20:00 Networking & drinks
Type classes in ScalaRafał Kucab Software Developer at Schibsted PolskaThe presentation will cover the basics of a very powerful and flexible concept of type classes which adds ad-hoc polymorphism to Scala language. We will go through a very simple example of how to implement and use this mechanism in your code. If you are learning Scala or you are an experienced Java developer and want to know how it works from scratch this presentation is for Schibsted Polska:High-quality software development for a family of digital consumer brands across media, online marketplaces, and technology ventures. Schibsted Polska division has over 200 software engineers working on the best quality software for Scandinavian media companies, financial services, and start-ups. 
Building a microservices architecture with Scala, Akka, and Kafka in the cloudPatrik Hedin Senior Developer and Tech Lead and Magnus Wiker, CTO at Bynk
A case study of how Bynk has used these technologies to build their system, challenges they faced and lessons learned from the process.
About Bynk:Bynk is a part of Schibsted Polska in Gdańsk. At Bynk we believe you deserve a better bank and we've started building it for you. We've provided loans to our customers since 2016 and this year we have added payment solutions and a debit card to our products. We're currently hard at work with more new products to make banking easier.
About speakers: Patrik Hedin has been with Bynk since the beginning and is now working as a Senior Developer and Tech Lead for one of our product teams. Before Bynk he was the CTO at TeamEngine and has a degree from The Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm. Magnus Wiker is the CTO at Bynk has a background at Prisjakt (or Kompario as it's known in Poland), Google, IBM and Progress. Rumor has it that Magnus also used to be a developer a very long time ago.

Tech Talks is a series of free meetups and workshops for software engineers powered by Schibsted Polska. Our mission is to create a space for software engineers to share knowledge, exchange experience and meet like-minded people.

Please note that during the event, we will take photos that might be published on our social networks and website for promotional and marketing purposes. We understand your participation in the event as the consent to the dissemination of your image. 
The data controller of your shared personal information is Schibsted Tech Polska sp. z o.o. You can find more information about processing those data on our Privacy Policy Twoich danych jest Schibsted Tech Polska sp. z o.o. Więcej informacji o tym, jak przetwarzamy Twoje dane osobowe, znajdziesz w naszej Polityce Prywatności.
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