Remote Work & Travels – A Practical Introduction

WeWork Hotel Europejski - Remote Work & Travels – A Practical Introduction

WeWork Hotel Europejski
wtorek 30.7.2019
Z 18:30 Do 20:30
WeWork Hotel Europejski
PLWarszawaKrakowskie Przedmieście 1300-071
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Location independence, does not necessarily involve traveling and working from remote places, but it certainly empowers many people to see the world. Usually remote work allows for more flexible working hours. It also makes it possible to live the digital nomad lifestyle.
At Toptal, this is a reality for all members – with a 100% remote work culture, there are no limits to where we can work from. Many of us have first hand experience with long-term or continuous travels, while working professionally for clients from around the world. We would like to share our experience and talk about what we had learned along the way.
Currently remote work is becoming mainstream, and there are many ways to participate in that movement. However, there are also some misconceptions and myths around remote work, that may prevent people from benefitting from it.
Join us for an event, where we will discuss the future of work, how to prepare for it and get on board.
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