RICS in Poland Annual Meeting - paid event

Warsaw - RICS in Poland Annual Meeting - paid event

wtorek 18.6.2019
Z 14:30 Do 21:00
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RICS Annual Meeting 2019
On behalf of Ian Scattergood, Chairman and the entire Board of RICS in Poland we would like to invite you to join our RICS Annual Meeting on the 18th of June..
This year topic that we will discuss during the meeting:
Sustainability explained: The true cost of (non) sustainable building – practical approach
Sustainable development is the most vibrant and enigmatic global topic in the construction industry in more than a decade. Green buildings are the darling of the media and trendy, politically-correct owners & tenants. Building green is also a means to an end, used by public agencies to bolster community support and public image. But what does it cost? Is popular perception correct, that green buildings cost more? Do the benefits related to human performance and health balance the cost of sustainable design? Is building green justifiable as a business case?
During the meeting participants will be divided into three discussions groups led by the Leader of the Group.
Join our discussion about the tangible and intangible benefits of sustainable design.
The Agenda of our meeting:
Registration starts from 14:00.
14:30 – 14:50 Sustainability explained – presentation from Adgar
14:50 – 16:00 – Discussion blocks
Participants will be divided into three groups. All discussions will be happening in the same time. Each group is led by a leader who will to the introduction into the topic.
Discussions will be run in POLISH language

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First block: the quality of indoor environment
Researchers have investigated the health benefits of sustainable buildings. Productivity is becoming a key measure of building performance which relates to health and well-being. Productivity can be measured in many ways; for example, through levels of concentration and cognition or factors related to productivity such as absenteeism and workplace satisfaction.
The cost of unhealthy places is paid by many sectors in society including employers, health and social care services and insurance providers.
The design and management of offices and workspaces could help reduce these illnesses, particularly when coupled with supportive HR policies related to work-life
balance, mental health and well-being.
The discussion led by: IFMA and PRFM
Second Block: Green best practices in building's operations
Green construction yields a number of benefits to the owner, both tangible and intangible. Sustainably-designed buildings benefit from lifecycle cost savings (including deferred replacement cost), improvements in human performance (including productivity gain, better health), and an increase in prestige.
Which green solutions are working which ones are not working? How to influence investors to invest money in green solutions? How to find money?
The discussion led by dr. Zuzana Paciorkiewicz MRICS, Head of Operations Asset Services Poland
Third block: Green due diligence – true value.  run by Justyna Chmielewska,GLEEDS
16:00– 17:00 Presenting the outcome of the discussions – 60 minutes – each group 20 minutes
17:00 – 17:30 “Whats behind the corner” Adam Targowski, Sustainability Manager CEE SKANSKA
18:00 – 18:45 RICS Annual Meeting
Join us and learn about new standards released lately and those which are coming next year. Meet new Members joining our organization during the diploma ceremony.
Launching of RICS Matrix. 
From 19:00   Networking dinner
The event counts towards 5h CPD.
Price: RICS/IFMA/PRFM Members 120 PLN, non- Members 240 PLN net
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