A Career in Open-Source

WeWork - A Career in Open-Source

wtorek 29.1.2019
Z 18:00 Do 20:00
PLWarszawa50 Krucza00-401
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Open source creates almost infinite possibilities for new ideas, products, and services. The open source model, spanning software and hardware, is invaluable to the people who know how to benefit from it. If you’d like to gain that expertise and leverage open source, you’re invited to join us for a workshop taking place January 29, 6-8pm.
The workshop is open to professionals in any field, including engineers, designers, project managers, and entrepreneurs. The ideal participant is someone who wants to become an open source contributor, deliver real work on real projects, or prepare projects for decentralized collaboration.
The session is organized by Toptal developer Michał Mikołajczyk. You’ll learn strategies for finding the right projects, gain understanding of contribution guidelines, and pick up the best practices to get things done.
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