3rd Lions World Song Festival For Blind "Sounds from the Heart"

Teatr w Krakowie - im. Juliusza Słowackiego - - 3rd Lions World Song Festival For Blind...

Teatr w Krakowie - im. Juliusza Słowackiego -
czwartek 2.11.2017
Z 18:00
sobota 4.11.2017
Do 21:00
Teatr w Krakowie - im. Juliusza Słowackiego -
PolandKrakówpl. Św. Ducha 131-023
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21 Uczestnik
The Festival has formula of contest. It is dedicated to talented vocalists with sight dysfunction - blind or vision impaired, who aren’t professional musicians.
Basic conditions of participation in Festival:
1. Songs shall be performed only by Performers suffering from full blindness, moderate blindness or with profound low vision according to the definition of World Health Organization.
2. Performed songs shall be written and composed for the purpose of the Competition and previously unpublished.
3. Duration of submitted songs shall not be longer than 5 minutes.
4. There are no age limits. All genre of music and languages are accepted.
5. Participants of Festival are obliged to send:
a) completed application from web site
b) song submitted to contest recorded on two copies of CD/DVD
c) lyrics translated to English (including the name of author of the lyrics and the music)
d) performers’ photos with biographical information
Recorded songs shall be sent till 31 May 2017
Address: Festival Office - Jordan Group, Gęsia 8 street, 31-535 Krakow, Poland (with note Festival Krakow 2017)
Finalist will be choose by international Jury. Publication of finalists list: 31 July 2017
Till 30 September vocalists should send final version of song (with arrangement). Festival Office will help with preparing final arrangement of song.

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Every Participant is obliged to learn lyrics of Festival Anthem and sing it together during Gala Concert (lyrics and music will be provided by Festival Office).
Organizers will make every effort to help candidates to find Lions Club, which will be willing to support blind artist.
Additional information:
Festival has special, cultural program adapted for Blind. Participants will visit all historical sights of Krakow inscribed on UNESCO List. Fifty vocalists from 13 countries, from Iceland to Georgia and also USA, took part in two editions of Festival.
Details of Festival Rules:
Contact: festival2017@lionsfestival.org
Strategic Partner of Festival: Special Education Center for Blind and Vision Impaired Children in Krakow.
We encourage to expand idea of Festival further to local blind associations.
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