Katowice 2016 - Day of EYP Poland

Katowice - Katowice 2016 - Day of EYP Poland

sobota 11.6.2016
Z 7:50 Do 20:30
PolandKatowiceul.Mickiewicza 1140-092
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Katowice 2016- Day of EYP Poland will be a day session held in the fascinating city of Katowice on Saturday, June 11th and is planned to bring together around 70 delegates from the whole region.

We are now looking for delegates for the event! If you're interested in current political, social and economic issues that the Europe of today is dealing with right now, want to experience how democracy and the European Parliament works in practice or are up to getting to know inspiring people from all around the continent, try it out! The participation fee for the delegates is 20 PLN.

Also we are currently looking for 1 Vice- President, 6 Chairpersons and 3 Journalists. All Officials are also requested to arrive one day prior to the Session (Friday, June 10th) in order to participate in a full day CJO Training.

The session will be presided by Mr Maciej Kuczyński (PL), edited by Ms Katarzyna Rachuba (PL) and is head organised by Mr Dominik Frej and Mr Aleksander Larski (PL).

Call for delegates:
Deadline: 20.05, 23.59

Call for officials:
Deadline: 15.05, 23.59

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In case of any questions, feel free to contact the Head Organisers at or , or the Coordinator from the Board of EYP Poland Marta Sznajder at .
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