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moodro bistro & cafe
piątek 16.2.2018
Z 17:00 Do 20:00
moodro bistro & cafe
PolandKatowiceDobrowolskiego 140-205
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Hi everyone,

This is Li Shu. I am inviting you to come to our Chinese New Year meeting. It is going to take place on this Friday at 17:00, in the Moodro Bistro & Cafe, inside the new Silesian Museum, just like 2 years before:)

I will give you a presentation about Chinese modern history and reality, in an objective and impartial view. I am neither a Mao fans nor a member of some party, just an ordinary Chinese citizen, who insist the right basic value.

I will show you what does China look like 100 years ago, how the communism profoundly affected and changed the whole country and the people; presently the daily life of ordinary people, the invisible totalitarianism in China and how does the Chinese government change the world.

And I am honored to have a special guest Qiaoxin, who comes from Taiwan. She is a Chinese teacher, and she may bring us some news about Taiwan and the Republic of China.

Finally, I would like to thank our professor Jolanta Mackiewicz and the landlady Magdalena Bugaj. If you are interested in my theme and have a desire to listen to me, then sincerely you are welcome, I will do my best!
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